Universal Everything Shows Us The Future Of Everything

If you put aside all the hype in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the other screaming nodes, you begin to wonder about what will really come about?

(I keep reminding myself that it took about 50 years in cinema to evolve from black and white film to color film.)

Take a look at these video clips from London-based Universal Everything. For years, Universal Everything has been pouring out soulful, intelligent computer animation and design for billion-dollar companies like Hyundai and getting raves from BBC, FastCo., High Snobiety, It’s Nice That and other mentionables.

Their latest creation is an iteration of their Hype Cycle series, a set of human-machine motion studies that asks: when will machines achieve human agility?

Watching these shapes interact with their human for 61 seconds almost serves as a new art form, dance form, storyline orwherever else your imagination wanders.

Watch it, you’ll like it.