Movie and popcorn — nice way to demo what you are about to release

Popcorn and Pommac — makes the demo feel as a movie night

My colleague Keke is really good at making things extraordinary. He has together with his team worked hard to update the Analyze part of Mynewsdesk and is soon about to release the update.

As Product Owners we know how important it is to get the whole organisation with us when introducing new things to existing customers. Many ways to inform have been tried, but on last Friday Keke tried a new approach, movie and popcorn!

Keke had made a short video, like 7 minutes, where he went through all changes and why they had done them. It felt as everyone really appreciated this way of informing, well done Keke!

If you want to read more how to cheer up your colleagues, check Keke’s story Don’t forget to celebrate.