Increasing Trend to Hire laravel Development Company after the Launch of Laravel Horizon and other Tools in the Year 2018

Started with Hypertext markup language to create simple web pages now with the launch of various scripting language unusually open source PHP there comes with the huge possibility to develop the web. Among them, PHP Framework has gained massive popularity with the availability of different alternatives and backed by tremendous community support. Today I am going to talk about one such PHP Frame, I.e. Laravel Platform which is gaining the considerable attention of developers across the globe & why companies are looking to hire laravel programmers for their various development requirements. Backed by ever-increasing community support Laravel developers can build amazing applications from scratch. Let’s see some recent addition to this platform.

Laravel Horizon

Taylor Otwell, the core developer of Laravel Framework, has developed Horizon. He has announced this expected horizon project at the Laracon US 2017 conference; finally, we can see a new member of the Laravel family. It provides a beautiful dashboard and code driven configuration for your laravel powered Redis queues.

Supercharged Queues monitor. Laravel Horizon is a platform that will allow us:

1)Monitor the performance of our Queues

2)Check how they behave

3)See the fallen tasks

4)The response time

5)The workload of the different Queues

6)Rerun a job that has previously failed

7)Receive notifications when a function fails, or the queue takes too long

8)Auto balance the workload between different tails

It is undoubtedly a handy tool to have a complete view of the workflows of our applications; just the tails seemed to be a black hole where we could not know what was happening inside.

Horizon was available for download from (July 26, 2017) and is completely Open Source as indicated by Taylor Otwell on the same Horizon page.

If you want to know more about the project and access its documentation, enter the following URL:

Laravel Dusk is another tool which is recently available at Laravel Platform. It provides developers with an easy to use, very powerful browser automation & testing API.

Another tool is Laravel Echo which is developed looking to an ever-growing demand for event broadcasting. It helps developer easy integration for event broadcasting also it comes with simple yet powerful Websockets for applications

Now with the launch of various Laravel tool one which we have talked recently above there comes with the significant possibility of development. The complex task can also be achieved easily with the help of laravel development platform. To prove this, we even utilised Google trends to check the interest of Laravel vs other similar platform and here goes the results. Below trends clearly, specify an increasing number of companies look for to hire laravel development company.