Day Trip Idea : Review of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This is a ticket window. We didn’t wait for a long time because there are 3 or 4 ticket windows. If you are a student you can get a discount but we are not, so we have to pay the adult fee which is almost $42 including tax.

They stamp our hands when we enter. Here is the stamp on my hand and the map in it. On the map, there’s a blank that you can stamp when you get in to each part of the park. I feel like I’m back in my childhood with a stamp on my hand.

The first part of the park is Story Centre. Emily and I are more used to American English than British English, so at first, we thought we had to pronounce ‘-re’ like ‘[ri:]’ or ‘[re]’. For example, ‘centre’ will be ‘séntre’, not [séntər]. But now we know that it’s just a difference in spelling between American English and British English.

I’ve seen these kinds of statues in Vancouver airport. I heard that they were created by natives of Canada. 
Before we went to the bridge, we went to the Cliffwalk first. It was more thrilling than the bridge for me.

It makes me dizzy to look down but also excited. I wonder how they made it. It stretches its way 213m (700 Feet) across and support 45 tones (100,000 pounds).

There’s a photo zone which is a floor made of glass. Everyone takes a picture here. Kind of scary but worth it!

If you see this one, get your map and stamp it!
 The stamp looks like this. Not ink. At first, we pushed two or three times because we thought it was not working.

One of the impressive parts was this. I can understand the meaning of ‘the drop hollows the stone. It was amazing to see the differences between 15 years and 50 years of erosion.

After we finished the Cliffwalk, we enjoyed some live music in front of a restaurant while on the way to the suspension bridge. I forgot the gloomy weather thanks to the music.

As you can see in the picture, it’s a really long bridge! It’s 137m! They also said that the bridge can hold a bunch of elephants safely. I don’t remember exactly, but there are lots of elephants in the picture.

‘At least it will not break!’ I thought.

It seems very stable in the picture but it’s moving! But not a lot, still I can keep my balance. If it didn’t move, it would be boring.

There’s a café across the bridge that sells mini pancakes and beverages. Mini pancakes were $7.50 per 10 balls. Emily and I bought just one cup of mini-pancakes and shared. I ordered hot coffee, and Emily got hot chocolate.

The pancakes tasted like regular pancakes; not amazing but they didn’t fall short of my expectation. However, the maple syrup was good! We were getting ready to go to the next course while eating.

The next course was a Treetops Adventure. It offers a squirrel’s eye view of a thriving coastal forest. I felt like I was in the movie “Twilight “ flying high above the trees! In fact, I found out later that BC is the place where “Twilight” was filmed. 
 They made bridges connecting trees. It feels different than just walk through the forest. What a good idea! And also you can see some birds, very closely. And I saw a little light bulb on the bridge. From November 24, 2016 to January 8, 2017, you can enjoy Canyon Lights in Capilano. I’m sure it will be awesome! You can see the details here.

After we enjoyed the whole park, we went to a souvenir shop. I bought two nice brooches! They’re cute, small to carry, and reasonably priced for me.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was a nice place to go but still it would have been better if the price was more affordable. If you are a student, don’t forget to bring your student card!