Taco Bell vs. Doritos

The first ad I want to talk about is the Taco Bell 2013 super bowl ad, “Viva Young.” Is about how these old people in retirement homes break out and cause chaos all night long and in the end finish with Taco Bell. I believe this ad is aimed at a younger demographic and is using humor that this demographic would understand and relate to, in order to get them to go out and buy Taco Bell. You don’t actually see what this ad is for until near the end when they are all eating the Taco Bell, in the parking lot of the restaurant. This ad starts off with the exposition being that you see one of the characters being told good night and put into bed by a nurse, so you know he is in a retirement home. The inciting incident is when you then see him get out of bed and meet up with his friends to break out of the home. The rising action of this commercial is them all pulling pranks and getting into trouble all night long, Finally, the climax happens where you see them at Taco Bell and you see a cop roll buy with a quick little siren going off. The falling action is the cop moving along and not doing anything to the old people. The resolution is them driving away from the Taco Bell very fast and then the denouement is when you see them all walking back into the retirement home at the crack of dawn.

The second ad I watched was the Doritos 2013 super bowl ad, “Goat 4 Sale”. This one is about a man who buys a goat (who happens to be eating Doritos, like the man) and takes him home. The man gives the goat all the Doritos he could want but soon gets tired of hearing all of the crunching and takes the Doritos away and then the goat gets upset. I think this ad is also aimed to a younger demographic and is using humor to get to their audience. The company is identified in the very beginning of the commercial, in the first scene. The commercial starts out with the exposition being that you see a man with a goat for sale sign with his goat in the front lawn eating Doritos. The inciting incident is when you see the man bring the goat home and he sees the Doritos in the pantry. The rising action is when you see the tension building because the man hears all the crunching from the goat constantly eating the Doritos. The climax is when the goat goes to the pantry and sees the Doritos were gone and shrieks and heads into the room and closes the door with the man painting a sign that says goat for sale. Then it just ends so there isn’t any falling action, resolution, or denouement.

I personally think that the Taco Bell ad has a better narrative story because it follows the narrative story line better that the Doritos advertisement. I also think it was a more creative, and more humorous than the Doritos one because it was more relatable so I think that would be the one to get more shares and potentially go viral. But honestly, both of these ads are very funny and very entertaining to watch.