Using Viruses to Rebuild Damaged Nerves

Inspired by this natural phenomenon, I want to propose how we can genetically engineer phages, specifically M13 viruses, to self-assemble and rebuild damaged nerves for billions of patients with neurological diseases.

How self-assembly works in nature

Pattens in the human eye, bone marrow, and leopard’s skin

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of M13 viruses

The liquid-crystal proper of phages — Engineered M13 viruses moving upwards on the substrate to form different patterns and scaffolds

Programming M13 phages for neural regeneration

Step 1: Genetically engineer M13 phage to display different proteins on its capsid

Step 2: Amplify the number of phages

Bacteria host bursting releasing numerous phages

Step 3: Modify the phage solution to control morphogenesis

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Hannah Le

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