Current News Assignment week 3!

Screenwriter Curtis Hanson dies at 71

Oscar-winning screenwriter Curtis Hanson died on Sept. 20. He was 71. Tony Im, Los Angeles police spokesman stated that Hanson died of natural causes.

Donald Trump Jr. defends tweet

Donald Trump Jr. is defending himself after he published a tweet comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles. He said the tweet was a result of his concerns about people coming into the United States without adequate vetting. Trump has been widely criticized for the tweet.

Chicago adding 970 new police positions in the next 2 years

Almost 1,000 new positions will be added to Chicago’s Police Department over the next two years. How the city will pay for the new additions is yet to be told. Alderman Danny Solis stated that while that questions has not yet been answered, he is confident that the hiring would not cause a raise in taxes.

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