The evolution of Non-Profit marketing

Mass communication has always fascinated me. Social change is what gets me excited. Post college graduation, I, like a growing number of college graduates, hope to combine those two interests and produce promotional media and marketing material for non-profit organizations that promote causes I believe in.

Just like the digital world, the area of marketing is always changing in order to keep up with its target audience. Because of this, the field of marketing is an exciting one; making learning new techniques and strategies a very important part of the job. Hubspot marketing blog has listed some of the top trends of 2016 — just a small example of the exciting new develpments in this area.

  1. Relationship Marketing: In a world where nearly 2 billion people own a smartphone, there is a massive opportunity to connect with those consumers. The customer experience is becoming increasingly more important. That’s where relationship marketing comes into play — it’s all about building trust, and long-term loyalty with its customers rather than short-term goals, like sales.
  2. Location Based Marketing: Location based marketing helps engage consumers by creating a real-time, interactive experience. New technology has been developed that allows marketers to take full advantage of this technique. Small transmitters that detect nearby mobile devices can be placed in retail displays or merchandise tables, which allows for real-time interaction with customers.
  3. New technology, like is also evolving to allow for interaction with apps. This is a fantastic way to interact with event attendees to make their experience more personalized and memorable. This technology also allows for greater brand sharing online; a simple click, share or tweet has never been easier.

The field of marketing and promotional media is an evolving field that has to keep up with consumers in this fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital technology. The nonprofit sector is able to channel marketing strategies in an effort to promote their cause. The idea of combining my interests in this way is something that gets me excited every time I think about it!

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