Why I Chose to Take Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program For the Next Step in My Marketing Career

Six years in the same company. 2 years in the same role. About to turn 30. I have been a marketing specialist for almost 2 years at a financial software company, and I needed a new challenge for my career.

Which Way To Go Next?

Marketing was never something I planned on going into. After a recent promotion, I had to switch desks and ended up sitting behind a Marketing Manager. To cut a long story short, she saw potential in me that I didn’t even know I had. She had a role in her team for a product marketer, opened the door and invited me to take a look. It was a risk to switch as I had zero experience in marketing, but after a few discussions with family, friends and colleagues, I realized this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Since then I have not looked back.

It has been 2 years since then, building my knowledge in this area of the business. But I was craving more. I was fast becoming aware that my understanding of marketing was limited to only a few channels. In order to expand my potential, I realized it was time to embark on a new path for my career — digital marketing. However, I could not just drop everything and switch gears. So what were my options?

Working full time and frequently travelling, I needed something that was flexible enough to fit into my often-busy schedule. An online course had to be the answer. But there were so many out there, so how to choose the right one? Therefore, I made the following checklist:

· It needed to give me a certificate at the end that proved my accomplishment.

· It had to offer lessons that align with my style of learning — videos with engaging content, as well as opportunities to read and take tests in between to make sure my concentration levels remained high — (I am one of those that gets bored easily!)

· It needed to have a schedule to keep to. I saw programs out there that had the flexibility to do the entire course at any time within 3 months — great! But without an agenda to follow within those 3 months, I could foresee leaving everything to the last minute and not getting the most out of the course!


I spoke to colleagues in a similar boat, my manager, my hubby, and of course Google, and low and behold, there was the answer. Everything pointed to one digital marketing course: The Udacity Digital Marketing Nano Degree. It. Ticked. All. The. Boxes. And more — the fact the course was developed by leading companies in the area sealed the deal.

What’s even better is my manager and colleague agreed to take the course with me! So if you are marketing professional who finds yourself in a similar situation, then I highly recommend Udacity DMND.

See for yourself…

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