The Disarming of Prince Charming

Once upon a time

You were my action man

My modern day hero,

A gentleman,



Rebel with a cause,

My knight in shining armour,

Sunset seeker on a horse.

But fairytales aren’t true.

Not for me and you.

My self-anointed saviour,

Your revolutionary behaviour

Was framed as a diversion:

The lies, the coercion.

I was flatter than your ex,

No way as good at sex.

Your excuse when you quit work:

Your boss was just a jerk,

Pushed you to the brink,

He’d driven you to drink,

Just like my dumb demands.

So when the first thrust lands,

It’s not your fault, I made you,

Of course you didn’t mean to.

I wouldn’t dare to leave

And no one would believe

My madness or delusion,

There’s just been some confusion:

Without you I am zero.

You’re my hope, my real life hero,

My happily ever after,

You say to nervous laughter.

But fairytales aren’t true

Not for me and you.

So when I finally leave,

You’ll still play make believe

That it wasn’t you, but me:

You’re Prince Charming, don’t you see?