trees in the summer

Trees in the summer cast silky, cool shadows on the crinkly, hot grass.

I hear the wind blowing through the leaves waking them from their afternoon siesta. The leaves yawn. Shrrrrrr. Breathe in. Breath out. Whuuuuuu. They laugh as the breeze tickles their feet.

I hear wheels rolling as moms push their babies in strollers down the street. The babies coo. Babaaaba. Look up. Move on. Katachink. The stroller sighs as it crunches loose gravel.

I hear sounds of the tiny as downy, brown baby cardinals ask for their lunch. The chicks beg. Peeeeap. Hear me. Love me. Cheeeeap. They shout in excitement as their mother lands in the nest.

Underneath a green-tinted tent, I hear life.

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