California-Based Company ElevenTwelve is Giving Back to Their Community by Sharing Their Love of Food

Hannah Melotto
2 min readMay 3, 2020
Pictured: The founders of ElevenTwelve

Food and wine, a staple of the Italian culture, unite people and bring them together around a table. For the founders of ElevenTwelve, their deep bond of friendship brought them together with a common passion to share Italian traditions with the world through their hard work and dedication to quality. As former American football players in Italy, at Cal Berkeley, and the NFL respectively, Paolo Tempo, Davide Merlo, Vincenzo D’Amato, and Giorgio Tavecchio share a unique perspective on teamwork, commitment, and sacrifice that they have applied to ElevenTwelve. Their new ‘teammates’ now include local Italian artisans, bringing the richness and flavors of Italy directly to your table, without a middleman.

Throughout their own lives, the experience of being united with their families around a table with good food and great memories has been tremendously impactful. Now during these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to stand together and rely on each other, and there is no better way to do that than by sharing a delicious meal.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been forced to stop and reflect on what we value. Co-founder and CEO Giorgio Tavecchio says: “We hope that this perspective shift will result in deeper love and appreciation for one another, never taking anyone or anything for granted.” With a greater focus on what matters most, ElevenTwelve is proud to support the first responders who have dedicated themselves and made sacrifices to keep us safe.

Giorgio says: “In these challenging times, we consider these to be our real heroes — and we want our heroes to be well fed and ready to save lives!” To give back, ElevenTwelve has decided to donate their gourmet pasta to the initiative Fuel Them LA, in partnership with Crateful and Operation USA. Fuel Them provides healthcare workers throughout Southern California with nutritious and delicious meals to keep them alert and healthy. The initiative has focused on providing meals to low-income hospitals that need support the most.

Celebrating their Italian heritage and sharing that with the world, ElevenTwelve is dedicated to quality. They are proud to not only bring authentic Italian food to their customers but also be fortunate enough to give back to their community during these uncertain times.