Say “Hey” to Sey Michelle: LA-Based Social Media Consultant and Photographer

Hannah Melotto
Dec 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Los Angeles is recognized as a place for creative minds, the vibrant city sparking inspiration for those who inhabit it. That is exactly the case for Michelle Balingit, also known as Sey Michelle, a LA-based social media consultant and brand photographer. Being able to collaborate and work with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, photographers, and social media specialists has helped to inspire and shape her own creativity and find her passions.

First a self-taught photographer, Michelle studied marketing and minored in film and media as a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where she fell in love with social media marketing. “I fell in love with telling the brands’ stories through social media and seeing them grow overtime,” is what Michelle said drew her into the field. Helping the brands she collaborates with create content to connect with and grow their audience is what she feels is the most rewarding aspect of what she does.

Her journey into social media marketing was not without its hurdles, when first starting out the biggest challenge Michelle experienced was in finance. “No one invested in my business but my own,” she says. However, once she began reaching out to clients, she found success. Now she’s collaborated with various lifestyle brands, including Le Tote, Instacart, and MD Acne.

For more information about Michelle, check out her website and blog Sey Michelle. You can also find her on instagram @seymichelle, where she posts her work and social media tips for her followers!