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May 21 · 5 min read

Hello, we’re Unleashed. Our vision is to create successful businesses, world-class employee experiences and fulfilled work lives. Our mission is to gear-up early stage businesses for speedy, scalable and sustainable success through People and Culture.

In collaboration with the awesome early-stage businesses we partner with, at Unleashed we believe that we can do it much better than traditional HR (shudder) and Training (groan) and blow best practice out the water! At the moment, we’re a small but perfectly formed team of four with big, audacious plans. We’ve already defined the values that are setting us up for success — continuous learning; bias to action; and positive impact.

As a People & Culture Partner, you’ll be joining us as we help founders, in house People people, startups and scaleups establish their People infrastructure and define and evolve their unique cultures. On any given day, you could be coaching founders, leading management development training, helping craft an A* onboarding process, or a whole host of other things to be honest! If it relates to People & Culture, then you will be doing it :)

About the Role

We’re seeking a truly exceptional and progressive People & Culture Partner to be one of our first team members.

You will be responsible for:

  • Working collaboratively with our partners to understand their businesses goals and devising a People strategy to support them
  • Helping our partners define their employee value proposition so their clout in the talent market is disproportionate to their size
  • Creating human, scalable and sustainable people infrastructure to enable high performing teams and business growth
  • Coaching founders and their management teams to ensure that they are comfortable and confident with their leadership and management style
  • Working collaboratively and creatively with the Unleashed team about the best approach for our individual clients
  • Informing, iterating and challenging Unleashed’s strategy for world domination and helping us further define how we work with businesses.

What We’re Looking For From You:

  • Experience working within at least two early stage fast-growth tech companies in a senior (director level) People generalist role. (When we say early stage, we’re talking seed to Series A for VC backed companies, or early stage bootstrapped or alternatively funded businesses.) This requirement is absolutely essential for us because the founders we work with want to draw on that experience of scaling a team through People + Culture.
  • Zoomability — you are comfortable zooming out to take account of the whole picture, and zooming in to execute on the detail where it matters
  • You’re endlessly curious and embrace challenge to your ideas, because you’re never possessive of them and don’t believe there is one right way to do things
  • You’re interested in wholly rejecting best practice and taking a fresh and truly progressive approach to management and leadership to drive high performing teams — using design thinking and creativity for genuine innovation.
  • You’re self-aware and reflective — you’ve experimented a lot in your career so far and have a good sense of what worked and what didn’t. Not only that, you accept that nothing you deliver will ever be an end product — there is always something more to learn!
  • You have bags of EQ, and arguably more AQ (adaptability quotient).

This is a truly exciting role for an intelligent, driven, self-motivated problem solver who has a track record of delivery either early-stage startups or scaleups AND who has worked with a portfolio of businesses. The opportunity that you have to drive our business forward in leaps and bounds is unparalleled.

Unleashed is an amazing business to work in with a super exciting and executable vision and super high potential for growth.

In addition to your salary and 5% pension contribution, you will also receive a significant and market-trumping L&D allowance — seriously, your jaw will drop. After all, to do the better than best for our businesses, you too need to carry on your development to better than best :)

Sound exciting? Apply now by emailing info@unleashed.company.

PS: Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, full-timers, part-timers, anytimers, whether blue, green, purple or whatever, are invited to apply. If you are human, if you have the skills, if you live and demonstrate our values (below), then the rest doesn’t matter in the slightest!

(Actually, that is slightly incorrect.. we are currently trying to get our license to be able to sponsor people that require Tier 2 Visas. So at this stage sadly, we can only employ people who have the right to work in the UK via other means.)

How our values reflect our work…

Bias To Action

We do the doing. We use design thinking to create agile tools and processes that are appropriate and scalable for our clients & their exciting futures. We always start with our understanding the culture and values of each business we work with, therefore nothing we produce will ever feel off the shelf. We combine experience and creativity to blow ‘best practice’ out the water. We believe in working at pace, focusing on the important, impactful stuff first.

Positive Impact

There is very little point doing anything if it isn’t going to move the needle. As such, we ensure that everything we do has an impact. To do this, we take the time to understand our clients’ goals, teams’ and how they work. We then measure. A lot. Be that through pre and post manager surveys for development or via engagement surveys and onboarding surveys for other areas… we are driven by positive impact.

Continuous Learning

We believe that people are happiest and most productive when they have a craft that they’re empowered to master. Everyone benefits from continuous improvement — the businesses we work with, the people within them, our wider community and of course, ourselves. All of our work is created to develop and teach. Be it our development programmes or sharing what we know as a result of working with many early stage businesses. We mentor, we coach, and we love to share our knowledge. We’re equally excited about what we can learn from you.

Sound exciting? Apply now by emailing info@unleashed.company or reach out to either Anouk Agussol or Hannah Keal over LinkedIn.


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Hey, we’re Unleashed — our mission? To gear startups up for faster, better and more scaleable success through People + Culture

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