First Line AND Summary: On Monday night, the City Council met and voted against the a rezoning of a cemetery, passed a one-cent sales tax increase and passed the ability for morticians to be licensed in the city.

The meeting started with a prayer by Wilber Mizell, pastor of the Vinegar Bend Baptist Church. Next, Bobby Thompson, chairman of the Zoning Commission, proposed to move a local cemetery and build a supermarket in its place. Many people from the audience voiced their opinions, but ultimately the council voted 5–2 against the rezoning petition.

Next, Wilma Rudolph, a councilwoman, proposed a one-cent sales tax increase in order to prevent layoffs and fund garbage pickups twice a week. The council voted for the sales tax 5–2.

Lastly, Councilman Mazeroski proposed to license morticians in the city. Mazeroski said, “We’ve got more than 30 mortuaries in the city now, and assessing a fee from them would bring in a considerable amount of revenue.” Don Blasingame, owner of Blasingame Mortuary, disagreed and said that he and other morticians would have to turn the money around back to the state; ultimately the council passed the proposal 6-to-1.