1. free snowboard, skiing, tubing lessons on Snowflex
  • I have seen one sandwich board advertising this and not a lot of people know about it. If more PR about these services were advertised, then I think that it would draw in more activity oriented high school students looking for a college.

2. Career Fairs

  • As far as I know, career fairs are mostly known by “word of mouth.” PR can help make career fairs look more appealing to LU students.

3. Karen Kingsbury’s new book about Liberty

  • Since Kingsbury wrote a book about Liberty, a PR team could use this to draw more attention to the school. Kingsbury is a well-known author and it should be known that her new book is about Liberty.

ISIS has sent around 400 to 600 fighters to attack eternal places including Europe. Officials are looking for a man wearing white who was seen with the two bombers at an airport in Belgium. ISIS is training their soldiers longer and using different methods.

A couple of Americans whereabouts are unknown after the Brussels terror attacks. Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, siblings, were on the phone with their family at the airport when the line went dead. Stephanie and Justin Schults were dropping off a family member at the airport when the attacks occurred.

The husband of of one of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is headed to prison soon because of bankruptcy fraud. He will serve a 41 month sentence and will be deported to Italy afterwards. His wife served a 15 month sentence and the judge spaced the sentences out so that they can raise their 14 children.

The Kardashian sisters are being sued for millions over their beauty line’s former investor. Hillair Capital Management paid the Kardashians but they did not advertise the products on social media as promised. They are being sued for breach of contract, breach of good faith, et. cetera.

Bruce Springsteen wrote a tardy note for a school aged fan. 9-year old Xabi, of California held up a sign saying that said to please sign a note because he will be late to school tomorrow. Springsteen did just that and Xabi got a picture with him. Xabi has attented his concert before.

News is current information being reported that is happening around the world.

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