Week 7 Sports News

Former Eagles Cheerleader to Compete At Body Builder Competition

50 year-old mother of 3 and former Eagle’s Cheerleader, Tracy Hess, will compete at The Arnold Classic. The Arnold Classic was named after body builder and former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hess says that the she will be competing in the strength and beauty competitions and that she spends four hours a day training.

Peyton Manning’s Agent Announced That Peyton is still Unsure About Retirement

Tom Codon, Peyton Manning’s agent, said that Manning has not decided whether he is going to retire or continue playing for another season. Codon says that he loves football so much and wants to be completely positive before he makes a final decision. Codon said that if Manning returned for another season, he would not play for the Broncos because the Broncos are making contract negotiations with other players.

Michael Jordan is on Forbes’ 2016 List of Billionaires

Michael Jordan is the 1,577th richest person in the world. Jordan has a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars and is the 486th richest person in the United States. His personal salary annually is 100 million dollars because of his Jordan brand.

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