The majestic roman aqueducts that stretch through the center of Segovia.

La Primera Ducha

(The first shower)

By Hannah Gomes

I am in Spain. These words run through my head and bring a huge smile to my face as I hunch over in my tiny bathtub, awkwardly trying to get the champú out of my hair. Yes I live in an attic, yes there is no air conditioning, and yes the food is wreaking havoc on my bowels. But, I AM IN SPAIN.

I am living in a fairly tale. My new home is a historic apartment with huge wooden doors (each with 3 locks… I have to use 6 keys to get into the house) and a view of both the city and the mountains. I could not imagine a more beautiful scenery. I walk down small cobblestone streets, past a castle, a few monasteries, and a huge Gothic cathedral on my way to the university each morning. The streets are alive with children playing and Spaniards strolling from tienda (tiny shop) to tienda.

The Segovia Cathedral. It is hard not to stop and stare each time I walk past. It has already made me late to a meeting.

The pace of life is much slower, this morning I spent an hour and a half drinking coffee at a tiny cafe, La Colonia. Peoples’ days seem to consist of sitting, eating, talking, lots and lots of walking, and eating some more. Ya, there is a lot of food.

During breakfast my mamá made me try everything she had in the pantry to see what I like. Bread with oil and sugar on top is her favorite breakfast, while Jesús likes to eat cookies crushed up in a bowl of milk. Meals are a little scary because I have to sit down for an hour (or more is Jesús is in the mood) and make conversation in a language that I never use. The fear doesn’t stop me, I am fully aware that I sound foolish and don’t make much sense. Never the less, I spurt out anything that comes to mind, even though it is usually very wrong.

It is crazy that after living for 24 hours in Segovia, I already feel more confidant and comfortable speaking Spanish. I am adjusting to this new lifestyle, it is both beautiful and fascinating. Estoy viviendo la vida loca.