My 8 Rules Of Great Products
Mitchell Harper

Love this Mitchell…! Many of your points above resonate with me. Particularly around how all customer feedback is not equal. That’s a subject that interests me greatly and I recently wrote about how you need to understand the prioritization of feedback & feature requests from you customers as well as who feedback comes from.

This is a lesson I learned in my last SaaS business. As we scaled, we quickly found it incredibly difficult to distinguish between “noise” from demanding (often small customers) and requests which were solving a real pain point for a large group of customers (or the ones that were most important to our business).

Interesting to hear you say that “Aim to improve a specific part of your product with a single release, instead of putting out tiny improvements to many different parts of it.”

Theming is a great idea as it brings efficiencies into the development team but we have found that many small improvements can greatly improve customer satisfaction. We capture all the day-to-day small “annoyances” from our customer base — all the things you never hear about through support — and the learning for us has been that it’s not that the little things can mean a lot then really DO mean a lot.

I wrote about that in detail and would love to hear what you think!