A few free digital marketing tools to try in 2017

I’m always surprised to find that not many social media marketers use the tools below. Since I’ve started using them, they’ve helped my content curation and creation become much more interesting and organized. Here we go.

1. Meltwater Sidekick

Content curation is super hectic — sometimes you don’t have the time to peruse what’s trending on Facebook and Twitter the day of. Meltwater Sidekick sends you up to two weeks of beautiful, glorious content. Everything from holidays (yes, even National Donut Day) to pop culture events show up in your inbox. Meltwater will also send you webinar alerts once you subscribe for even more advice about marketing on the Web.

2. Big Spaceship’s Internet Brunch

Who’s hungry for content? You sure are, and you bet Big Spaceship is ready to serve. Internet Brunch is just as good as Actual Brunch (and if you eat brunch while reading over Internet Brunch, you’re killing it). Sidekick is more of the advanced approach, while Internet Brunch is more of a morning after. It’s all neatly organized by things that happened yesterday and what was known in preparation.

3. Mention

Mention is the one stop shop for all @’s that involve you. Think Google Alerts on steroids. Mention tags you in everything it finds on Tumblr, the Web, Twitter, Facebook, and more. The only downside is that once you run out of notifications (250 mentions and 1 alert), you have to upgrade. However, it does reset every month. Consider it for your personal brand, and only for your business if you’re willing to shell out the money. (One trick is to turn off Twitter and download Engage to help you with those notifications, and keep everything else checked).

4. Everypost

Before you start with me, Buffer is better than Hootsuite. So why do I champion Everypost? Simple: because they let you schedule content to your Tumblr and your personal Facebook profile. For. Free.

Need I say more?

The only problem is that link preview isn’t so pretty. Attach an image into your post copy and you’ll be good to go.

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire has quite a few apps available to help your reach. The main one (Crowdfire) is greatly helpful with Twitter. You can see everyone who has followed and unfollowed you, along with keeping dibs on people who don’t follow you. My favorite part is that you can see Twitter accounts that were inactive in the last 1, 3, even far back as 6 months.

Their other apps, TagFire and Publish, are also excellent for social media. TagFire provides you with several themed tags to paste into the comments of your IG photo so you can focus on writing a killer caption. Publish is another scheduler for Twitter and Instagram.

6. Ghost Browser

I’ve saved the best for last, and rightly so — Ghost Browser is the unsung savior of social media managers. Mobile is great for switching accounts quickly and easily, but Ghost Browser on your desktop allows you to do so with ease. It works for everything — your Gmail accounts, Twitter accounts, and whatever others you tire of switching between. Just input all of your old passwords and the Internet is yours.

What tools are you using in 2017? Let me know in the comments.

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