State of the Water Bottle Collection

I have a huge collection of water bottles and vacuum insulated travel wares. Glass, hard side plastic, flexible sport type plastic, stainless steel, filters, no filters, and so on. I figured I would take the time to share my opinions of the containers I most frequently use thus saving you time and money, dear reader. If there is a container I have not covered here and you would like my feedback, let me know. I’m always looking for an excuse to widen my water bottle knowledge ;)

Contiga 20oz Purity Glass Water Bottle in Radiant Orchid, $14.99

I found this container to be both pretty and fun to touch. When it’s fun to touch and carry, you’ll drink more water. I do not like taking the sleeve off for cleaning. Not only is it difficult to remove, it’s difficult to put back on. It has a screw top and the cap is attached via silicone tether. If you’re looking for a container that doesn’t sweat, this is not the container for you. If you like your water, lemonade cayenne cleanse, juice, whatever room temperature… this will suit you well!

Brita 34 oz Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle in Clear; $17.99

What a beautiful specimen. This bottle features a flip up little spout that minimizes spilling and has a significant amount of capacity. Also, it’s pretty! I have really enjoyed this bottle as it’s easy to use, attractive to look at and lends to less trips to the water dispensers of your choice. The measuring lines make it easy to note how much you have had to drink. I do not know how to disassemble this one in entirety. While I don’t yet have any kind of mildew problems, I really like to take things apart as much as I can for sanitizing fairly often. Also, it doesn’t fit in standard sized cup holders. That’s not a deal breaker in my opinion as it seems to be pretty resistant to leaking. Again, if you don’t like a sweaty bottle, don’t buy this one!

Brita 20oz Sport Water Filter Bottle in Blue; $9.99

I found this beauty at the grocery store for under $10. Instantly a winner in my opinion. The sides are flexible so you can squeeze them, which I enjoy for whatever reason. It features a pop up top and comes in a few colors. It takes the same filter as the aforementioned Brita Hard Sided Filter Bottle and is fairly lightweight. I don’t have a lot to say about this one other than I really really like it!

Bobble 34oz Water Bottle with Carry Tether Cap; $21.18

I really wanted to like this one more than I do. It’s pretty to look at and you don’t have to commit to a color. It has the pop up top that I prefer, it’s only two pieces and the plastic is surprisingly durable. As it’s a curvy bottle, it’s fairly easy to grip. You wont have the sweaty bottle problem as you can’t really fill it with ice from a standard ice maker. The plastic is not very flexible and doesn’t fit standard sized cup holders. When you fill it up, you have the same sized opening as a typical water bottle. I think I would have been happier with this product if I had bought the smaller 18.5oz or the sport version.

YETI 30oz Rambler; Price seems variable.

This keeps things cold. Or Hot. Or Tepid. Your choice. It doesn’t sweat at all and it fits cup holders easily. I put stickers on mine and I really like this product. Best of all, I didn’t pay a dime for it because my husband got one he never uses. If I were looking to buy one, I wouldn’t have as the price for a colored one is a little out of what I consider reasonable.

SMART 30oz Tumbler; $21.99

If you were in the market for a YETI, this one is just as functional for half the price. Mine came with two lids (drinking hole cover and without.) I chose this one in teal because i thought it would be fun. It’s hard to miss and I don’t forget it anywhere. I put stickers on this one as well. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t sweat no matter how much ice I put into it. The outside isn’t slippery as it has some type of matte finish texture of which I do not know the technical term. If your tap water doesn’t taste like the lake just turned over, go with this!

Happy hydration!

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