Something on my mind

Alright, friends! I’ve decided to start this blog in order to channel some frustrations I have about society, and to discuss how we can improve to become more loving and more respectful to those around us.

Something I want to discuss first is why I’m a feminist.

Obviously I didn’t start out as a feminist, in fact in junior year of high school I focused a project on how feminism was to blame for the drop of chivalry in our society. So what made the change? Some time in between that time and my senior year of high school, I became highly involved on the social media website, This might seem silly, but I’ve jokingly referred to this website as the breeding ground of feminism. While there I saw several of my friends posting feminist viewpoints, and so I was curious and started learning about what feminism actually contained. The only issue I cared about, at first, was that I couldn’t walk around at night, as a women, without fear of being raped or kidnapped. I learned about rape culture, I learned about Misogyny, and I learned that these behaviors are learned by influences of media and social interaction. As I became more educated on feminism and it’s accompanied characteristics, I began to be aware of this problematic behavior in the world around me. I could no longer tolerate humor that I used to find funny. I was learning that women don’t have to compare themselves to one another or compete for the attention of men and others. I learned I didn’t have to be quiet about things that made me uncomfortable.

Now, being 3 years since I’ve learned about feminism, I’m more involved in it as ever. I’m against racism, race and gender stereotypes, slut-shaming, homophobia, and anything that causes a person to look down on another person for their birth, their lifestyle, or the harmless choices that they make — Even if the choices they make are not ones I agree with on a personal or spiritual level, that does not give me or anyone the right to treat them as secondary humans. We should love and respect one anther and strive to raise each other up. This is what I strive for. This is why I’m a feminist.