Sky’s Ocean Rescue Campaign: How I will be contributing and how you can too

Hannah Blair
Aug 6, 2018 · 4 min read

For the last year, Sky have been doing fantastic, exciting things surrounding the theme of Ocean Rescue. Here’s an brief update on what it’s about and some examples of what they’ve been up to, followed by what I’ll be doing this year with Sky through my recent Women in Technology Scholarship.

Hold The World VR Experience with David Attenborough

One of their most exciting projects for me was Sir David Attenborough’s involvement with the campaign. I strongly recommend experiencing the Hold the World VR App if you get the chance. You are taken into a one-on-one sit down with Attenborough himself in the Natural History Museum to get up close to rare objects, such as fossils, delicate insects and other amazing artefacts. While this wasn’t directly part of the Ocean Rescue campaign, it’s a great way of educating users about the wonders of the natural world and raising awareness about protecting our environment.

You can read a little more about it here. →

Isn’t David Attenborough one of the most precious people to bless this earth?

Ocean Clean Ups

The Ocean Rescue team have been working super hard recently by personally going to beaches and cleaning them up! How awesome is that?!

Below are some photos on their instagram from their beach clean up on Bull Island in Dublin. You can follow their updates on their Instagram here.

Sky Ocean Rescue Scholars

Three amazing individuals have received scholarships from Sky. Imogen, Martina and Annette are each working in the field of research to solve problems relating to our eco-system and environment, and are each looking into really exciting topics. One of these projects that I found particularly interesting is the study of micro-plastics found in clothing — something that we definitely don’t think about when we put our clothes in the washing machine. Will we be able to tackle this issue and start introducing clothes without these potentially harmful plastics? 👕

Have a look into the work that the scholars are doing here. →

No Plastic in the Workplace!

Visiting the Sky office in Osterley is always a delight — their campus is amazing and appears to be a fantastic environment to work in. Something else that I learned about Sky and their Ocean Rescue campaign is that they have been phasing out the use of plastic in their offices. Not one plastic cup has been sighted in my time at Sky! Only coffee mugs will be used for your latté. ☕️

What I’m Doing

Alongside some work surrounding VR for dementia (a little more about that soon…) I will be building a educational VR experience for the Sky Academy. Sky work with young people in experiencing and learning unique and valuable skills, especially the media industry. Schools have the amazing opportunity to take a trip to the studios and experiment with their technologies and do challenges. A little more about this can be found here. → I will be building a complementary VR experience for them to teach them a little more about the Sky Ocean Rescue initiative and educate them about what they can do in their day to day life to help, too. If you want to find out more, do get in touch!

What You Can Do

8 billion other people are also saying “It’s just one bag, one straw, or one cup.” Of course we all forget to bring a bag or bottle out with us from time to time, but try and keep your actions in mind. Realise the huge amount of plastic that is used in our day to day lives and be conscious of your own usage. The straw you use may well be the one that could end up affecting the life of a sea creature. Next time you have the opportunity, try and pass on plastic and start making a habit of it by carrying a spare bag and bottle around with you. If you want to go a step further, there are reusable, collapsible straws available online you can use and wash when you’re done! 🥤Here’s an example below.

Further to this, if you want to dive in a little further and learn more, Sky have an amazing documentary on offer for you to watch called A Plastic Tide. Interested? Have a watch.

To read more about what Sky has been up to and how to get involved, have a read on their website. Feel free to get in touch with me to find out more about Sky or to learn a bit more about what I’m doing!

I’m Hannah. I’m a Computer Science student and creative developer. All things Virtual and Augmented Reality, creative tech, and innovative entrepreneurship get me excited — especially when it’s #techforgood. 🌎

Feel free to reach out and connect with me! 🐙

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