To say that I love peaches is quite the understatement. Their sweet and juicy goodness is addicting. Peaches are nature’s candy and I will take them any time on any day in any form. And last Saturday Abba Father revealed so much of His goodness and so much of his unmatchable love for me while I washing a fresh-from-Georgia peach. I cried. A lot. And I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever been more overwhelmed by the Father’s love for me. I was tasting and seeing that the Lord was good in the most literal sense, and every day since then when I eat a peach, my eyes well up with tears.

I think peaches are beautiful. I think the rich hues that are splashed all over them melt into a piece of art that can only be accredited to the wonderfully creative mind of Jesus. I delight in peaches — their taste, their color. And Jesus delights in me. I can’t get over that something as beautiful and delicious as a peach still pales in comparison to how Jesus looks at me. Nature, and the food found in nature, SHOCK me. Beautiful and delicious foods that give life to my body grow on the ground or in trees because God commanded them to grow there.

Although a seemingly elementary idea, it strikes me as an extremely profound theological thought — God loves me more than peaches. It is easy to look at a peach and see God’s creative heart at work. He has made these little orbs of sweet, nectary goodness for my delight. Just because He loves me did He want to give me something so delicious.

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