Just Before I Go (2014)

This comedy drama follows the life of Ted Morgan (Sean William Scott) from the moment his wife leaves him. Her final words as she leaves make him feel worthless and he decides to make his way home to confront the people he feels are responsible for making his life the way it is, planning on ending it all after this. When he returns home the time he spends with these people makes him realise that his life is worth living for after all. This moving comedy includes some amusing scenes with Ted’s family which draw the audience into the story and cause them to engage with the characters. There are also some lovely flashback scenes of Ted’s childhood and the time he spent with his wife which add an artistic feel through the camera work and move the audience right up to the tear jerking final scene of the film. It is also nice to see Sean William Scott in a more serious role to previous films ‘Role Models’ and ‘American Pie’ as here as opposed to the cocky, full of himself character he elicits sympathy from us as a pathetic character in need of guidance.

Despite these positive elements the comedy aspect to the film could have been worked on more as the film heads more toward drama with little comedy. As well as this the love story aspect is quite predictable and could perhaps have developed more throughout the film. In spite of these points this film creates a moving and powerful drama which encourages a relationship to form between the audience and characters and evokes a positive message throughout that no matter what happens there’s always something worth living for.