Gric Coin Token Swap To Cut Down Supply From 10 Billion To 20 Million Token

Gric Coin Project
Nov 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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Gric Coin Project has come up with a strategy to strengthen the token value of Gric Coin. Users need to swap their old Gric token for the new token.

Gric Coin Project announces Gric Coin Token Swap as part of its strategy in cutting down the total supply of Gric Coin from 10 billion to 20 million tokens. The move will also help in strengthening the token value, as they have created a new GC contract and approve a swap on the ratio of 1:0.002 Gric Coin.

This means that during the swap for everyone Old GC token users have, they will receive 0.002 of the New Gric Coin token.

The token swap will drastically cut down the amount of Gric Coin in circulation and is targeted to lead to a proportional price increase of the token.

Token Swap Starts on the 8th Of. November and Ends on the 23rd Of December 2019.

To learn more about how to swap Old Gric Coin Token To New Gric Coin, please visit here.

Gric Coin Token Swap Steps is quite easy. There are two tokens; The Old Gric Coin and the New Gric coin. The Token Swap Ratio is made in such a way that anyone who has old Gric tokens can swap with a new one at a ratio of 1: 0.002.

To Swap, Open and log in with the Meta mask account. The first step anyone has to take is to approve the new contract address and tokens. What it means is the user giving authority to the new contract that they can use their Gric Coin token on behalf of them so that the contract can swap that token successfully.

Go to this link and approve a new contract address and tokens.

Before approving users must remember to click: Write Contract Connect to Web3.


On this link write contract click

  1. Approve
  2. 2. Add the new contract address under the Sender Address 0x720c2c93f5f9a6b82226e84095558b10f399b0fa
  3. 3. Value – enter the total number of the Old Gric coin in the wallet to swap. Then add 18 zero behind. For example, if someone wants to swap 240 GC it will be 240000000000000000000
  4. 4. Click Write.
  5. After approving the new contract users have to go to the new contract address and exchange the tokens.
  6. Open this link, and under the Write contract scroll to item 3.
  7. Exchange.
  8. Remember to click; Write Contract Connect to Web3
  9. [Reset]
  10. Under exchange enter the amount of old Gric Coin to exchange in the VALUE BOX. Remember to add 18 zero behind it. Then click Write.
  11. Ethereum smallest unit is WEI, so users have to put the amount in Wei so that whatever the amount is they have to add 18 zeros at the end because their token is Decimal:18. Users must have a small amount of Ether in their account to cover gas fees.

For more updates, please visit here.

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