Five Things From Two Years…

…of not attending regular church services.

  1. You can not go to church and check it off as being the only thing you do to worship and build a relationship with God. Live your life during the week as on fire for him as you do raising your hands during worship at Church. God cares more about your heart than showing up to Church just for the sake of doing so because its expected.
  2. If you rely on your pastor alone to give insight to scripture are you really understanding if for yourself? Are you diving in and exploring what the Bible has to say and focusing on your own understanding of the word?
  3. The Holy Spirit is not simply waiting for you in a Church building. It is ever present with you and among you whether the presence is keenly felt or not. He will never stop pursuing you and loving you and lifting you up. He doest not abandon you.
  4. It is possible to have friends outside your own Church. In fact I suggest it. The body of Christ is bigger than one building, and the lost are often found outside its walls.
  5. Being in a building full of believers after a week of living in the world and feeling its pressures and ideas is so refreshing and important. We are not meant to live alone in our faith. We are a body of Christ and we need one another.

I did not stop attending Church because of questioning my faith or having a problem with the Church