In the last couple days I switched my idea up a bit. I was still centering my idea around the “fracking testing kit” because I had started centered around that idea, but eventually it didn’t fit into the system right.

Bye bye box

My restructured plan goes like this:

Stage 1: Water wills makes connections with other organizations fighting fracking and find volunteers in fracking dense communities.

Stage 2: Volunteers make connections with people in their community and began to educate on fracking and offer their assistance in case a family begins to face trouble with their water and are not receiving any support from the fracking company or EPA.

Stage 3: Water wills tests water as needed, helps residents interpret the results, and collects the data. They also help residents get responses with the contamination proof from the fracking company. Once the resident signs the gag law, their story lives on and begins to create a data base to show the correlation between fracking and toxins showing up in water.

Houses near fracking sites showing the same toxins