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I grew up in a world of tools that were supposed to save my life. Each new thing was supposed to change the future of diabetes singlehandedly. But everyone forgot how tools are lifeless without the user.

Currently products designed for medical care require continuous energy on the users side to maintain a healthy lifestyle for long term improvements. People don’t typically want to harm their health or lifestyle, but still somehow end up in this spiral of care where the right things seems so difficult. There is a gap between the intent of the user and the action that results. There is a disconnect in the actions people are required to take and the tools that are provided for them.

Tools that consider the users and the world around and the human habits and errors and exceptions can be the bridge to increase the efficacy of medical products for users. They can make the invisible visible, the confusing clear, and the repetitive less mundane. They bring out the user’s intent and ability that already exists and create the path so the action can follow suit, making intention synonymous to action.

The standard of medical equipment will increase when people begin to expect the same care and design they see behind their phones and laptops in the products and systems that improve their health.

When people are expected to do complicated and repetitive tasks in these areas, they often blame themselves when they can’t understand how to improve their care or lack the consistency required. Interactive tools can be used to make the invisible visible, the confusing clear, and the repetitive less mundane. By increasing the interactivity of these products for the average user, with consideration for their lifestyle and environment, people become enabled to take actions that directly affect their lives and the lives of others.

Notes from Class

In the landscape there is a disconnect that causes this to happen.

Connect the intent and action.

Increasing interactivity of products for the average user?- With appropriately interactive tools, you increase the ethicacy, use? Don’t use word interactive, what are the dimensions of interactivity? Enhanced screen, expressively clear?

There may be an approach in there that I’m interested, like maybe it’s designed at too large of a scale. Could be modularized? Asthma example, plug in, large- Not empowering

Gap between intent and action

Need and empowerment

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