Wander Lab


I honestly don’t feel extremely strongly about most the pictures I took. For a lot of the interventions I was like “huh that’s inconvenient” or “that could be better”, but they are not necessarily things I would want to personally fix. For many of the inspirations I would think “Oh that’s smart!” or “that seems useful!” but only some would I actually want to work on.

This obviously is not effective at it’s job. These could be better designed so that they stand better but also so people understand what they are trying to tell them. Why are these here? Because the sidewalk is uneven or is there a different reason? Construction?

While I was out wandering I had to change my infusion site. I was grateful that I had actually remembered all 5 parts I need to do this on the go and I didn’t lose pieces in the bottom of my bag. I got so many stares while doing this, which I’ve become okay with over time, but I think this whole process could be improved.

I know this is supposed to be for bikes but it’s given up with usefulness to look better. The form isn’t intuitive for how it should be used.

I found the poster just ironic. On this dusty, graffitied door, the message is kind of lost.

I find this to be an interesting space to work in. I like the thought and improvements that are being made to recycling but this design is still limiting in what can go into the recycling bin.


I love old things and I definitely would like to have globes in my house because of how interesting they are. However technology has improved in terms of usefulness and the ability to learn more. They are fun to interact with and still provide a means of learning.

I thought this was so smart. Healthy plans with such a simple change. I love the idea of little interventions for a larger impact.

I think this is sad for the people who live in the house but they’ve made the most of this situations by planting a shrub outside their window that is watered by the drain. Unfortunately you can also see all the trash that makes it down there, which also sort of shows how much trash ends up in the drains in general.

I thought this was a cool assortment of tools and a bit of a story about the person who works with the glass. I love that these simple tools enable to user to make so many different kind of shapes.

I think it’s nice how they’ve left this poem on the board. It makes the board so much more impactful than just a chalkboard alone.