CNA Week #3

Construction begins on presidential inauguration platform

As the nation gears up for the presidential election in a little less than seven weeks, crews have begun work on the inauguration platform to be used this upcoming January. Republican and Democratic leaders hammered the ceremonial first nails into the platform this past Tuesday, starting with Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. The platform will be built on the West Front of the Capitol and will be large enough to hold nearly 1,600 people.

Man Killed by Tulsa Police Posed No Threat, His Family Says

The family of Tulsa, Okla., man killed this Friday was harmless, says his family. Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby, who believed he had a weapon on him as he reached into his stalled car. The family, who described Crutcher as a father, twin, community college student and God-loving man, is seeking justice in a situation they say was a result of excessive force.

Cubs clinch NL Central title with Cardinals’ loss; first since 2008

With a Cardinals loss to San Francisco, the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division title. This win, which secured the Cubs spot in the World Series Playoff, is the first step in ending a championship drought lasting more than a decade. With an all-star line up consisting of Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Jon Lester, the Cubs Championship hopes are as high as the “W” flag flying outside of Wrigley Stadium.

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