God did something for me today.

Sometimes, being so spoiled on my church experiences, I can miss the small things he does everyday. I’ve spent a lot of time in church and had many powerful experiences. Today, I realized it at one point. I almost forgot to give thanks. I caught myself rambling out loud while driving, as I admittedly do every time I drive! (TMI?)

I caught myself storytelling this time (to no one), about how annoyed I was at how the first store didn’t have the one thing I went there for, having driven all the way from…which I ended up getting from the store right next to it. Then I remembered how I had prayed and asked God for favor before walking inside that store. Call it chance if you want, but that’s when I remembered to thank God, because he followed through. He answered because He is faithful. And, He is faithful to my faithfulness and my husband’s faithfulness. I gave thanks.

Then I started thinking about all the times everyday that God is probably doing good things for me and others when we don’t even see it.

I pray that my eyes be open to see more.

I want to recognize God’s goodness — in the small things — and make Him bigger.