This post was published on December 28th 2016. I’m now working at Server Density as their Product Manager and I’M LOVING IT! This post was read over 1000 times during my job search so I will leave it here as inspiration for others. If you’re scared of asking the internet for help don’t be — with just 3 tweets and this blog post I received some unbelievable offers and met some fantastic people along the way too.

Today I tweeted that I’m looking for a new role, but 140 characters is nowhere near enough to describe who I am or what I’m looking for next in my career, so here is the long version.

During a Leadership Development program in 2012 I was asked to create a personal leadership manifesto. This manifesto feels like the logical place to begin:

Achieve the impossible, but do it laughing!

Throughout my career since I have gained a better understanding of myself and my strengths as a leader, and happiness is at the core of this. Above all else I believe a good leader will create an environment in which their team are happy. This does not require table football or desk beers — but autonomy to make decisions, the freedom to try new things, the tools and environment to do your best work, and the knowledge that someone’s got your back when you need a bit of support. I like to think I am this type of leader.

With these as my core beliefs I naturally developed a keen interest in Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, especially the world of Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management which are both areas that have caused me and my teams a massive amount of frustration and waste in the past.

In 2014, I founded a consultancy called Pendrica with Stuart Preston. Our aim was to help teams adopt infrastructure automation across Microsoft’s Windows and Azure platforms. Although not new these were areas that were still maturing technically and the businesses we worked with had cultural and organisational challenges to overcome. What can I say, we like to take on hard problems!

As a consultant and coach at Pendrica I have helped teams understand and implement better practices in automation, environment management, and agile processes. Providing technical mentoring in plain English for managers and team leaders, helping them understand what buzz words like “DevOps”, “Continuous Delivery”, “Release Pipeline”, “Immutable Infrastructure” and “Serverless” actually mean for them in the real world.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and have given talks at Velocity, WinOps, ChefConf and most recently had the privilege of giving the keynote presentation at DevOpsDays Berlin. Links can be found here.

With Stuart pursuing his dream job at Chef in the new year, it’s time for me to start looking for my next role. I have enjoyed consulting but in such a small business I have missed being part of a team, which leads me neatly on to talk about what I’m looking for next…

What am I looking for next?

  • A company that shares my values that people are their most important asset
  • Challenging problems to solve, both technical and organisational
  • A team around me that I can learn from
  • The remit and support to make things happen
  • Flexibility and encouragement to remain an active member of the DevOps community

At the moment (on day one of my job search) I have an open mind about where I am going next. Although my aim is to look for a permanent role I’m realistic that this will take some time and I am open to contract positions in the interim.

The rest of my background (including my track record of delivering multi-million pound projects and programmes, and my First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics) can be found on my LinkedIn or you can email me for a full CV at

Finally, if you know me and have nice things to say about me, please feel free to say those nice things via Twitter or LinkedIn. Thank you in advance!

Happy New Year!

Originally published at on December 28, 2016.

#HumanOps champion, #HugOps evangelist and recovering #DevOps consultant. Product Manager at @ServerDensity and #DevOpsDays London Organiser

#HumanOps champion, #HugOps evangelist and recovering #DevOps consultant. Product Manager at @ServerDensity and #DevOpsDays London Organiser