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I should have posted these at the time, but 2016 got the better of me and my blog has been rather neglected. Below is an update on some of the talks I have given recently.

My next talk will be at Config Management Camp in Gent — Resilient Systems Require Resilient People.

DevOpsDays Berlin — October 2016

Information Overload and the Real Cost of Interruptions

In this talk I explore how our relationship with technology can change our thought patterns and behaviours, encouraging us to multi-task and preventing us from focusing on the tasks that are most important.

There is no recording of this talk but hopefully I will be able to link to one soon!

The slides can be found on SpeakerDeck here.

DevOpsDays Amsterdam — June 2016

Systems are Simple. Humans are Complex.

In this ignite talk I used psychology to help explain why cultural changes are so difficult and slow to implement. Many people get frustrated when transformational initiatives fail, or members of the team revert to old behaviours, but it’s completely normal and to be expected because we are human and not machines.

Note: My talk begins at 11:50

WinOps London — May 2016

DevOps Culture and Transformation — Panel Discussion

Often the tools and technology required for Continuous Delivery take centre stage, and organisations overlook the cultural and organisational changes required. In this panel discussion Amy Harms, Steve Wade, James Smith and I answered questions from the audience on how to approach these challenges.

Velocity Amsterdam — November 2015

DevOps Saved My Life (Probably)

If stress is a killer and burnout is rife in our industry then DevOps isn’t just good for delivering better quality software, it will also have a positive impact on your health — DevOps might save your life!

Originally published at hannahfoxwell.net on December 28, 2016.

#HumanOps champion, #HugOps evangelist and recovering #DevOps consultant. Product Manager at @ServerDensity and #DevOpsDays London Organiser

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