Breastfeeding in Public

You see this topic being more widely talked about now, especially in social media. There are many point of views and perspectives on this topic, but which one is the most reasonable? Let’s start this off by getting educated on the topic first, shall we? It wasn’t until recently that this became an issue. In colonial America it was very normal for women to breastfeed their baby no matter where they were because that was the only way to feed the child at the time. It wasn’t until the early 20th century when the modern feeding bottles, infant formulas, and the nipple were invented. This is when you see it being rare for women to breastfeed their child in public or in general.

Through the time span of the early 20th century to the 1970s that is plenty of time for breastfeeding in public let alone breastfeeding in general to lose its normalcy. With women now days being more educated with what is in baby formula, and artificial breast milk they want their children to get the true nutritional values that only a mothers breast can give to their child. This makes plenty of since, and who are we to say what a mother has to feed there child let alone where they feed them?

My belief in why I think people are uncomfortable with mothers breastfeeding in public is because in this generation breast are so sexualized. Advertisements use the sexual appeal of breast to sell their products whether it would be a nice car or beer we all know sex sells. That itself hinders the peoples view on the natural process of breastfeeding because it gives one an inner conflict of what breast are actual meant to be used for.

As a young women I look at this topic as a future issue for if I ever end up having kids. I’m going to want that connection with my child and I am going to want to breastfeed. If the public isn’t comfortable with a woman breastfeeding their child in public how am I suppose to be comfortable feeding my kid when it needs fed, where ever it needs fed? No woman should feel uncomfortable or discriminated against just for doing what their body is biologically meant to do. People don’t think twice when a woman’s breast is hanging out of her shirt because it’s “sexy” so why should we think twice when a child is being fed. Children need to eat to.

The general public meaning men and women need to be comfortable with the human body we all know what the human body has to offer so who are we to discriminate against it? The only way we are comfortable with the human body is when it is being sexualized. We all need to accept what we have and not discriminate against anyone else for it. Why spread hate when we can spread love? Why spread discrimination when we can spread acceptance? See the positive in the things that are around you, and not the negative.

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