Normalize Public Nudity in the U.S.

I’ve caught the travel bug. My soul is craving to travel the world to get to experience new cultures, observe new perspectives, and see what the beautiful earth has to offer through nature. With me wanting to travel the world outside of the United States I do my research on the cultures and customes I want to see the most in this world. The first place I look up is Europe. The United States branches its ways off European customs. That is why I am so surprised with how different the United States culture is compared to Europe’s. The thing that stuck out to me the most is how these two different custome’s view the human body so much differently.

Based off my research I have noticed that Europe is much more accepting and not so judgmental towards the naked human body compared to the United States. The United States sexualizes the human body to where it has gotten to the point of being shameful to show too much skin because it might turn someone on, or you might be called a slut or a whore for it. The United States needs to adopt Europe’s viewpoints on the naked human body and just view it as a natural thing everyone has. I love the thought of freedom of judgement towards the naked body. I view clothing as a necessity to protect our skin against the harmful weather. Otherwise I don’t see the point of wearing clothes if we don’t need to.

If you go to the beaches in the United States you see men wearing swim trunks and women wearing bikinis covering the top and bottom of their body. Why do women have to wear bikini tops to avoid judgement from the public? Just because women have more fat on their chest than men do that forces them to have to cover it. It is because the United States views breast as a sexual object that should be covered until the act of sex is introduced. You do not see that mind set in Europe. Women walk on the beach with just bottoms on just like the men and no one thinks twice about it because everyone their grew up to accept that as part of their culture. I am a strong advocate for the Free the Nipple Campaign that is going on in the United States today. The day that our culture adapts for the better to stop spreading judgement towards another persons naked body then that will be the day that this country will be a better and more positive place to live. Stop sexualizing the human body America!

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