ENG 201 BP 1: One Day at a Time

For blog post 1, I have decided to write about a new Netflix sitcom called One Day at a Time. One Day at a Time features a Cuban American family comprised of a single ex-military mother, a theatrical grandmother, a nerdy feminist daughter, and a lazy yet charming son. In the second episode of the first season, the show addresses sexism through the mother’s experiences of mansplaining and microaggressions at her job. In the show, the mother, Penelope, is disregarded at a staff meeting when she brings up a new idea, only for her male coworker to bring up the same idea the next day and for it to be accepted and implemented immediately. They intellegently use Penelope’s argument with her daughter as to wether this was sexism or not as a parallel to the debate today in society about sexism and microagressions. Many claim microagressions are just liberals getting offended by every little thing, while this show points out that they do cause real harm. Her daughter Elena points out that just because the men at work aren’t grabbing her ass or catcalling her doesn’t mean that they’re not being sexist. And when Penelope confronts her coworker by calling him sexist, he responds by saying, “You think I’m sexist? That’s crazy! I love women.” which Penelope responds with, “It has nothing to do with love, it’s the way you act. You dismiss everything I say.” The issue was never wether men love women, it’s been about respect and equal treatment. Penelope’s coworker didn’t respect that a woman could have any good ideas, so he didn’t listen to her. He interrupted her every time she tried to speak and explained things to her as if she were stupid. This affects all women, on a regular basis. It’s time we stand up and say something when we experience sexism. Everyone has the capactiy to make a change and stand up for themselves.