Volunteering at The Nevada Humane Society

Image from NevadaHumanSociety.org

I have always been into volunteering. I have been volunteering my entire life and when I came across the non-profit organization of Nevada Humane Society, I instantly wanted to starting helping in some way.

This no-kill shelter’s mission statement describes the organization perfectly; “to promote animal welfare and to provide for the relief and prevention of all animal suffering in Northern Nevada.” This society has a goal to maintain; they want to create an ‘adoption guarantee’ where all dogs are sent to good and loving homes.

The shelter is 60,000 square feet and is equipped with state of the art shelter technology, and it even has a ‘green’ side to it. The shelter uses a reduced amount of energy that helps control expenses.

With help from the community, this shelter is able to stay open. Reno Dodge recently donated $25,000 to the shelter. The car dealership had an offer that with the purchase of a vehicle, you will receive a free pet adoption or donation of $250 to the shelter. The shelter also has the occasional adoption deal where the adoption of an adult cat is $25, and an adult dog is $50.

The Nevada Humane Society is always looking for volunteers that are 16 years or older. The shelter has placed more than 70,000 animals in homes since 2007.

I can’t wait to get involved and help any animal I can.

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