The IASP has explained pain as unlikable sensual and sentimental experience allied with actual and potential tissue damage or explained by the cause of such damage. With the above definition it can be concluded that pain is a complicated occurrence that may be caused in multiple extents. However the levels of pain cannot be analyzed but it can be categorized to initiate treatment. Different method for classification of pain has been introduced by the IASP such as chronic pain and many others.

Physical suffering can arise from any part of the body; skin muscles bones joints (nociceptive pain) wounded tissues nerves and internal organs. Sometimes physical suffering might be a complicated mix of all of the above pains. It can be signaled through thousands of sensory nerves travelling from all over the body to the spinal cord and the brain but in some cases the brain or the spinal cord may itself initiate to feel the pain this may arise in the case of stroke, these signals of pain may be associated with anxiety loss of appetite disturb emotions and loss of memory.

When to worry about

Continuous pain is complex and cannot be easily overcome. It can be controlled with the assistance of health professionals, patience and daily workout practices however these practices may not cure all the physical sufferings but may help to restore it to some extent, neither these practices may lead to damage nor it may worsen the existing condition of the patient . The class of pain may be understood with the governance of health professionals
 Some Symptoms to severe pain

· The cause to pain

· Degree of alleviation of the suffering

· Findings related to the certain suffering

· If painkillers are useless or not satisfying

· Beside taking pain killers something else is also noticed with a chance of getting worse

· The side effects of the medicines taken

· The extent of addiction and drowsiness felt with the drugs

· Will the body get resistant using these drugs

Where can I seek assistance

The pain specialist might be helpful in understanding the your suffering he might depict a whole picture in help you find the real cause of the suffering, this method is called holistic assessment which is very important in understanding the accurate condition.

Psychologists may be very helpful in finding out ways to help you overcome your physical suffering and deal with anxiety. This may be done by changing the view of analyzing objects in different perspectives

Physiotherapists these experts use wide variety of techniques and tricks in order to relive pain via exercise and machines used in Physiotherapy department in hospitals moreover they are also available at health care centers. The role of nurses can also help in giving suggestion regarding different treatment including manual exercise acupuncture moreover the occupational therapists may advice you how can you manage best in your daily routine despite of having pain and sufferings

Methods to overcome physical suffering

Exercise may add value in reducing pain related to heart disease muscles and joint pain and acute pain as well, in some cases pain may mean that you lack physical activity and it leads to muscles stiffness and fatigue. Exercise and daily workout may lead to short term muscles stiffness but may protect you from long term sufferings.

Manual therapy involve three main areas; mobilization, manipulation and massage

The first methods involve the movement of joint by different exercises as much as possible within the capacity to move

The second trick involve the forceful movement of joint beyond the capacity, both these methods can relive pain and facilitate joint movement and reduce stiffness.

The third method does not depict nay long term effect and is gently done as compared to the other two methods however it may help you relieve from difficult situation


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation its object is to block the signals of pain remitted by the spinal cord towards brain, this is done by passing mild current through skin via stick on electrodes. TENS machines are available easily at health care clinics and physiotherapy departments however it does not provide any remarkable benefit in long terms

Acupuncture this also a short lived remedy to reduce pain but more beneficial for some patients

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