A little about the Internship

My internship is at Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, I work in the International Relations department I have been doing a little bit of everything. I work on regular intern things, stuffing envelopes and making lists. However, I also have been given many other responsibilities such as research for a major trip that is going on in the summer for major donors of Yad Vashem. It is a week in July where they travel to Poland and visit camps and ghettos. Doing my research for this trip, I have learnt so much about ghettos that was not taught to me in college.

During my first week here I was given a crash course in photography. Since then I have already been on 6–7 different tours where I am given a very professional camera to use to document the tours for the donors who come visit us. I listen and pay attention to the tours and I cry almost every time, it is emotionally draining because every tour is different from the next and I learn something new on each tour. Our tour guides are amazing they personalize the torus for every person and group who come on a tour through the International Relations. I have found that if I do not need to photograph a section of the museum, and the guide is talking about something I have heard before that it is time for me to look at pieces of the collection that I may not have seen before. I am always seeing something I have not seen yet, the museum is jam-packed with history.

Some of the guides have personal connections to the Shoah, parents that were children or teenagers during the Holocaust, and those tours are very special when they share their family’s stories. However, I had the amazing opportunity to be on a tour with Moshe Safdie the architect of Yad Vashem and many other amazing places. He was so charismatic and well spoken, he made the tour very special and extra interesting, not only talking about the history but about the reasoning behind the way the museum twists and turns and is also a straight line through history.

I can’t believe that I’m almost at the end of two months at Yad Vashem and almost at the end of two months here. More to come soon!

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