Blake Cash: Part Time Student, Part Time Gamer

by: Hannah Fogg

The Collegiate Starleague DOTA II team from the University of Nevada, Reno works and plays hard in every gaming tournament. Blake Cash, a member of the team, has competed in many tournaments and his team has even earned the number 32 ranking in the nation. This team recently competed in Break the Internet and played long and hard until the early hour of 4 a.m. Blake reminisces on the most challenging teams to compete against and speaks more about his love for video games.

It is true that DOTA, Defense of the Ancients, is currently the third biggest e-sport in the world. Nevada E-Sports is a UNR student run club that unites the gaming community. They currently host gaming tournaments revolved around: League of Legends, Starcraft II, Dota II, and Hearthstone. To learn more, or to get involved in any upcoming tournament, check out their facebook page.

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