To get started with this project I had to come up with a problem that I’d like to see solved and start researching a solution.

One idea that jumped to mind was invoicing. I invoice a lot for my business and the hassle and time spent collecting/ converting information gathered by the end of a trip seams like something that could be improved upon.


I started by researching similar mobile apps that already exist and looked into what was and wasn't working. I made notes of my competitor research and blended the pros and cons into my user interview.


I conducted 3 interviews for this project. I asked questions that would help me understand the users needs for such an app, along with what was and wasnt working with their current apps.

Below are a sample of the questions that I asked during each interview:

  1. Does your business or your employer require you to make an invoice?
  2. What apps or programs do you use for invoicing?
  3. What do you like about these apps?
  4. What don’t you like about these apps?
  5. What are 3 main functions you use when creating an invoice?

Below are some of the main insights that I got from my interviews for invoicing.

  1. Easy Navigation — Being able to make custom templates and filter based on needs / search box to bypass having to go through every step
  2. Money converter built in
  3. Personal photo album and email linked to the app for easy uploads and email methods

Customer Journey Map

After the conducting the interviews I drew out a Customer Journey Map to shows where the frustration starts for the user.


After gaining an understanding of the people using this product along with their goals and frustrations, I built two user persona’s to create the app for.

Story Board

After creating the personas I drew out a Story Board to give a visual representation of the users frustrations and why this app is needed.


To kick off the next step of this assignment, I created an Affinity Diagram. This showed to be very helpful with narrowing down what was and wasn’t needed.

Affinity Diagram

After deciding on what was going to be added to the wireframe, it was time to make some paper prototypes and start testing!


I made a number of prototypes and tested them with various people; adding and cutting down as I figured out what was most intuitive to the user. Here’s a look at my paper prototype. I have included these wireframes to demonstrate a basic user flow.

  • Home page/ Sign In
  • Settings/ add new/ previous invoices
  • Camera/ photo album
  • Crop
  • Review page — Adjust info
  • Categories
  • Confirm/ Add
  • Email info/ File type/ Send

After confirming my paper prototype for the user flow, I digitized it with wording to help communicate my plan for the project.

Heres a look at the digital view of the User Flow.


I am a very visual and hands-on learner, so to build an idea through research and data was something new to me. The interview and research skills I’ve acquired will forever be skills I will carry with me throughout my career.

Check out the final paper prototype on Marvel!