Two Door Cinema Club [11/19/16]

Weekly Treasures (11/13–11/19)

This week was filled with a lot of cool & relaxing instrumentals.

Sunday, November 13th

It pains me that I do not have a car in Philly, so I can drive around with my windows down and listen to this song. This is the kind of song that puts you in a kind of mood that is most satisfying with a crisp breeze from outside, in a speeding car. But of course, these are my own opinions, and it sounds good regardless.

Monday, November 14th


Whenever I hear any Jhene Aiko song, I feel a certain emotion that brings me back to the past. This is one of my favorite CD’s, it sounds amazing with my BoomBox. If you ever need to relax and doze off into a nap, listen to this album straight through and you’ll have some sweet dreams.

Tuesday, November 15th

This song is amazing. Very chill, and when the instrumental break happens, everything else around me slows down and the sounds engulf me.

Wednesday, November 16th

All the twinkling in the beginning and throughout the song reminds me of a dream. It lulls me, but also keeps me so focused on wanting more. As the song builds up and vocals take over, the middle section kind of surprises me, almost like I’m listening to a completely other song. But it is so incredibly impactful. And then as it slows down again, coming to an end, there’s a whole other story being told. Leaving me speechless every time.

Thursday, November 17th

Heard this cover for the first time last year around the same time of year. At first, I was like oh, not another cover, please. But I was so impressed by the overall simplicity, sweet voice and piano accompaniment. This song gave me more hope in covers, especially on SoundCloud.

Thanks for showing me this last year, Jon!

Friday, November 18th

DNCE released their first full debut album! So far I like it, but I’ll definitely be listening to it more often soon.

Saturday, November 19th

What an amazing concert. Two Door Cinema Club is absolutely amazing live! I was so excited to finally see a concert at the Philadelphia Fillmore, since I’ve been to the Fillmore in Downtown Silver Spring, MD many times!

When they played this song, there was a special connection they had with each and every one of us in the audience. That was the best part. Everyone knew this song, and you could tell how excited everyone was. We all became one, with the song and with the artist.

Here are some pictures I took from the concert, Enjoy!

Two Door Cinema Club [11/19/16] Philadelphia Fillmore

~Hannah Kim~