Weekly Treasures (2/26/17–3/4/17)

February is always too short.

Sunday, February 26th

Future’s new album! aaaahh~ so many amazing collabs w/ amazing artists

Monday, February 27th

mmmm smooth and true r&b~

Tuesday, February 28th

Had to throw it back with some AJ Rafael!

Wednesday, March 1st

Happy March! Here’s my new monthly playlist~ So excited for what’s in store this month! Whoop whoop!

Thursday, March 2nd

OMG! All of the instrumental breaks in this song is absolutely incredible. Super groovy~ aaahhh~

Friday, March 3rd

Feeling super nostalgic after listening to this song. Brings me right back to high school, when I was in a band w/ my buddies :) This was one of my favorite songs we played!

#PhistBumps #BeanbagCruisers

HAHA we had the worst ideas for band names. Oh well.

Saturday, March 4th

Wowza, I didn’t even know Brayton Bowman released a new album in Feb! My favorites on this album so far are “Kustom Made” and “Feel You”