Bittersweet in the Parenthood
Poppy Xing

RE: Bittersweet in the Parenthood

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (check) • use of platform (plus)

what a lovely little summation of this movie!

you make it clear in your headline/subheadline what/who/where this piece is about. you launch straight into the guts of the narrative, while offering your opinion on the style and content, and you take us through the movie up to the marriage, and then it falls off. while i understand not wanting to include spoilers or give away the ending, you need to bring your audience through the ideas you’re talking about, and let them decide based on the facts given, and your own opinion.

the visuals for this piece are stunning and have an aesthetic pleasure in their own right, but through this new medium, a 1960s movie comes to life again. that said, i want more of your opinion about this movie! it’s nice that it reminds you of ‘boyhood’ but why? what about this movie made you write about it? do you love it? do you hate it? i don’t know.

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