I Wonder if the Girls Knew that, for a While, the World’s Attention was Focused on Them.

RE: I Wonder if the Girls Knew that, for a While…

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (plus) • use of platform (check)

this piece really moves from place to place: trump, politics, fatigue, vice, boko haram, nigerian girls and women. the way that you weave these points together and take a musing on trump far beyond anyone would expect is an extremely effective writing tactic, that while may seem to pull a trick on the audience, the emotional effectiveness trumps (hah!) it.

not only does this piece move around, it is also well-researched, and uses highly visible media as a way to highlight your personal thoughts, as well as a hot topic issue #hashtag that was forgotten almost instantaneously.

the way this shifts from a hard-hitting muse to a personal wonderment is lovely, and very touching. the hard facts you use help to soften the blow of this emotional rollercoaster.

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