PROJECT chicaGO: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits
Joanne Yj Kim

RE: PROJECT chicaGO: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

thoroughness & comphrension (plus) • creativity (plus) • use of platform (check)

when i saw you published this, with this topic, all i could think of were the endless instagram photos i’ve seen of this place and never been, but your warm voice and sultry photos really give this place character.

you bring up this idea a lot in the chicaGO pieces, you’ve been wanting to go there for a while. how do you hear about these places as a newbie in chicago? do you hover over your instagram like me? should your readers be able to suggest places to go?

your flowery language does well in this piece. it creates an atmosphere that is only enhanced by the photos. the personal narrative makes it warm and cozy, without it being self-indulgent.

also, have you thought about a guest-poster for project chicaGO? just an idea, i love the whole concept, but would love to see some place featured that isn’t on the north side.