PROJECT chicaGO: Myopic Books
Joanne Yj Kim

Re: PROJECT chicaGO: Myopic Books

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (check) • use of platform (check)

this is too short and too sweet!

i was hoping for a little more voice like the vignette at the beginning, and was hoping that maybe you’d review a place you DIDN’T like! i feel like i’ve heard this review several times, and it might be because i have! every one who talks about myopic talks about it with the same respect and venerable nature, but i want someone to review the jazz nights on mondays they have, or the books they put in the front, or their pricing methods.

your photos are the saving grace, as you might be the only person who can take a good, non-cliche photo of this book store. i’d also like a little info on the sections you browsed through. what do you look for in a bookstore? what authors do you like, what would your favorite authors think about this bookstore? what are the cashiers like? etc. a critical eye doesn’t always have to criticize.