Sympathy for the Swanson
Brontë Mansfield

RE: Sympathy for the Swanson

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (plus) • use of platform (plus)

i really really enjoyed this. i love ron, and i LOVE nick offerman, and i shared the article that was the impetus of this. this article is well argued and makes some significant points, also congrats for it getting picked up on another medium publication!

a few things that might help argue your point more : (this stems from a little bit of my own knowledge about the show) many of the political situations/people were based off real life. ron was based off of a libertarian official that one of the creators dealt with. parks n rec’s wiki is out of control, but worth the read. offerman, like yourself and clere was raised in a rural area, rural illinois, south of chicago, i might add (a neighboring town of one i grew up in) where his mother was a theatre teacher. i feel like touching upon these factoids would have helped your argument and made the connections you made a little clearer, and more direct, and would have been more substantial than just comparing with the author of another piece. helpful in lit reviews, can seem unethical or boring in journalism pieces. but that’s a personal choice.

i really miss your photoshop at the beginning! plus i’m sure you could find some killer fan art (my tattoo artist actually did an amazing water color painting of ron and had him sign it.) also, that scene from the latest season about why ron hired leslie would also make a significant point for your argument, but other than that, and extremely solid piece that others obviously appreciated!!