TV’s Best Depictions of Asperger’s
Brontë Mansfield

RE: TV’s Best Depictions of Asperger’s

thoroughness & comprehension (plus) • creativity (plus) • use of platform (plus)

i love this, not only as someone who enjoys tv, but someone who has familial and romantic ASD ties, and i don’t even know where to begin. this piece is highly researched, and structured amazingly (i love the countdown rather than the listicle!) and am so glad you’ve made it into a weekly hashtag thingie. it makes it smart and quirky, but oh so authoritative! personal information blended with fact and gifs are always a positive. also double props on the photoshopped header!! your relaince on gifs and vids instead of photos really makes this narrative a story; it creates stories within the story, and they all co-exist together to make a larger point. i really can’t find anything wrong with this except that one video no longer works! :((

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